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Career Opportunities in The Merchant Navy

On the 11th of July, 2018 a representative of the Anglo Eastern Shipping Company spoke to the students of Class XII about the merits and opportunities involved with the lucrative career that is, The Merchant Navy. Mr V.R Nathan, a charismatic personality, illustrated to the students the importance and criticality of the Merchant Navy with regard to the functioning and stability of the World’s economy. He also stressed upon the educational qualifications, syllabi, testing criteria and physical benchmarks required to become a distinguished cadet of The Merchant Navy. He spoke at length about the responsibilities and physical burdens involved with the daily rigour and working of The Merchant Navy. However, he also spoke about the benefits that come along with the job, such as financial independence at a young age, health and tax benefits, job security, free travel, extended leave and the sheer joy of the ocean.
He however, also informed us duly about the risks involved with the undertaking, and requested us to consult various sources such as trusted sources on the internet, our family, friends, teachers, priests and well-wishers.
He left on an extremely thought provoking and penetrating note. He told us not to look at the world through a small hole, but instead, try our fighting best to widen it.

-Akarsh Rai And Yatin Satish (Class XII A)

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