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Mental health in adolescents- 10/10/2018

On the occasion of world mental health day, Lourdes central school organised an assembly to spread awareness on the importance of mental wellness amongst students.

During the assembly, Ms. Annapoorna of class 11B spoke about the importance of the day, and threw light upon factors that have a negative impact on the mental health in adolescents.

The assembly was followed with a keynote speech from Ms Meghana Saldanha (MSC in counselling psychology). Students were educated about the numerous mental health disorders that affect age group between 16 to 20 years old (anxiety, ADHD, OCD, autism and so on).

She then highlighted how the disorders are as normal as any other physical illness and put forth various techniques one could use to help people affected by mental illnesses.

The students found this session very informative and there were interacting throughout the session.

Pranitha Bangera

12 A

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