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“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”  Lourdes Central School organised a summer yoga camp for the members of staff from 4thApril to 9th April. The Yoga trainer for the session was Mr.Shivanand.B who is an International award winner and Mrs. Rashmi B.

Everyday the Yoga session began with a Yoga prayer followed by demonstrations of various asanas and pranayamas. The demonstrations included asanas like   Padmasana , Veerabhadraasana , Trikonaasana , Chakrasana , Vrikshaasana  and also explained the various  benefits of performing   these  Aasanas . The trainees were also taught five Mudras of pranayamas like Chinmayee , Bhramari , Sheetali , Suryanadi, Chandranadi and  Simhasana which has various health benefits.The session used to conclude with Shavasana which gave complete rest to body and mind .

On the concluding day, Principal Rev.Fr. Robert D’Souza  honoured the yoga guru Mr. Shivanand .B and also the  teachers as the best Yoga performers. He appreciated the staff members for their whole hearted participation in this workshop.




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